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Subject: Fafis out of CCT7 :-|

Author: Rafael Peña

Date: 14:30:49 02/12/05


After seeing the official resul vs crafty, i've decided take out my program from

here are my reason:

1.- The game vs crafty, both engines says draw (look the position, and score
from crafty and fafis).
2.- Crafty offer several times draw to Fafis.
3.- Fafis accepted the draw and i Communicated to the chanel 64 on ICC.
4.- Arena (debug window) and Fafis put in their log draw by mutual agrement.
5.- 10 min later , TD says that Fafis lost on time.

Is a good tourney and excellent organitation, but i'm not agree with this
choice, i lost the game vs zappa because i have not internet conetion at home,
so is my fault, but i don't see why the game is lose by fafis vs crafty, i think
the tourney it's for fun or somebody is going to win money?.

I'm not sure is if Arena bug or ICC bug as some people said, i think the
decision is based on what happened (that is my 5 reasons), TD said that is based
on ICC log.

Some people said in a bad way that i'll be in a black list for leave the
tourney, i think, i said in a very polite way to td that i was leaving out the
tourney, and i made appologies to all people in cct7.

I don't going said more about this, also i don't think aswers replies here, just
i'm posting here with my reason.

GL on CCT7.
Rafael Peña
Program. Fafis

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