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Subject: CEGT 40/40 - Hiarcs 10 first results

Author: Heinz van Kempen

Date: 21:30:35 12/21/05

Hi all ,

here are first Hiarcs 10 results in CEGT 40/40.

Hiarcs 10 vs. Deep Shredder 9 2CPU 512MB --- (7:8 )

Hiarcs 10 vs. Fritz 9 --- (6:4)

Hiarcs 10 vs. Fruit 2.2.1 --- (6,5:6,5)

Hiarcs 10 vs. Rybka 1.0 Beta 64-bit (3:11)

First impression: another absolute top program with big increase over Hiarcs 9.
Just the Rybka 64-bit version is other category.

If there is interest in updates here and download for this games at the CEGT
website to check the quality and playing style I could give it this evening.

Hopefully more CEGT testers will receive today the DVD, so that they can add
results over the next days.

Best Regards

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