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Subject: Chess strength of these programs?

Author: Aaron

Date: 21:59:02 03/02/98

Hello . I was wondering if someone could enlighten me about the relative
chess strenghts of the following chess programs

1) Virtual Chess 2. I have heard that this is a rather strong program.
But Why isn't this program listed on the Swedish chess computer ratings
lists? While I understand Virtual chess 2 is new what about Virtual
chess 1?

2) Mephisto chess- Is this equilavant to Rebel 7 or 8?

3) USCF chess and Power Chess- Both powered by WChess engines? If so is
this program weak compared to say Chessmaster 5000?

BTW what features does USCF chess have compared to cm5500?

4) What's the difference (if any) between the chess engines of Cm5000
and Cm5500?


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