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Subject: Re: WCCC and some NPS observations

Author: Thorsten Czub

Date: 11:49:54 06/23/99

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On June 23, 1999 at 12:38:33, blass uri wrote:

>>when  you start with 4 programs, ONE program has to be in a good place.

>Fritz did not start with 4 programs.

>They started with only one program.
>It used 4 processors but it is not 4 programs.
>other programs also used more than one processor and most of them did not do
>good result.

ChessBase started with Fritz, Junior, Hiarcs and Nimzo.
Hiarcs was the strongest.

>Diep also used 4 processors and it did not help it.
>Zugzwang and P.conners had better hardware and it did not help them.

Exactly. 4x nothing = nothing.

>You also said that using 4 proccesors can also make fritz see draws faster
>but I did not see draws for fritz only wins and losses.

you have not seen the score of each position, don't you ?
I was there. I have it on video. draw-score , draw-score, draw-score.
As if chess is draw ! :-))

>It is not clear to me if CStal is more intelligent
>In the game that you posted here of Cstal against Fritz the draw scores of Fritz
>were more correct than the unrealistic scores of Cstal.

Aha. the draw scores are realistic !! :-)))
if a program only evaluates draw over draw-score, and loses (like fritz in paris
against ferret e.g.) what is the realistic part of the score ??
Ferret was 0.43 up and fritz was 0.00 ! What was realistic of this evaluation?
What was fritz evaluating ? Its chances to win the championship?

>The final position is a draw by tablebases.

>Fritz showed in this position -8.xx score against itself but it is only because
>of the fact that Fritz does not use tablebases.

oh - what a pity :-))) the poor poor fritz.


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