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Subject: Mate in 1 - but Fritz 6 needs 1 hour!!!

Author: Christoph Fieberg

Date: 13:17:47 08/10/00

Unbelievable, but true:
I composed a position which is mate in 1 and can easily found, but Fritz6 on
Pentium III, 500 Mhz and 32 MB Hash needs more than 1 hour to show it (excatly
How do other computers react?

The position is
FEN: 8/8/pppppppK/NBBR1NRp/nbbrqnrP/PPPPPPPk/8/Q7 w - - 0 1

It is possible to reach this position from starting position:
1.Sa3 Sa6 2.Sc4 Sc5 3.Sa5 Sa4 4.b3 b6 5.La3 La6 6.Lc5 Lc4 7.h4 h5 8.Th3 Th6
9.Td3 Te6 10.Td5 Te4 11.Sh3 Sh6 12.e3 e6 13.Le2 Le7 14.Lf3 Lf6 15.d3 d6 16.Ke2
Ke7 17.Dd2 Lc3 18.Te5 Lb4 19.Th1 Td4 20.Lc6 Dd7 21.Lb5 Th8 22.Td5 Kf6 23.Sg1 Sg4
24.Th3 Se5 25.Tg3 Kf5 26.Tf3+ Kg4 27.Tf5 a6 28.g3 c6 29.Sf3 Kh3 30.Sg5+ Kh2
31.Se4 Sg6 32.Kf3 Se5+ 33.Kf4 Sg6+ 34.Kg5 Se5 35.a3 Th6 36.c3 Tf6 37.De2 g6
38.Kh6 Sg4+ 39.Kh7 De7 40.Tf4 Tf5 41.Sg5 Df6 42.Df3 De5 43.Kg8 De4 44.Sh3 Tg5
45.Tf6 Sh6+ 46.Kh7 Sg4 47.Df5 Kg2 48.Kg7 Sh2 49.De5 Tg4 50.Sg5 Sf3 51.Sh7 Sg1
52.Df4 [52.Tf5 Se2 53.Sf6 Sf4 54.Se8 Kh2 55.Tg5 Kg2 56.Kh7 Kh2 57.Sg7 Kg2 58.Sf5
f6 59.f3 Kh2 60.Kh6 Kh3 Test it! What time do computers need to reach a certain
search depths?] 52...Se2 53.Df3+ Kh2 54.Tff5 Sf4 55.Dd1 Kg2 56.Tg5 Kh2 57.Sf6
Kg2 58.Sg8 Kh2 59.Se7 Kg2 60.Sf5 Kh2 61.Da1 Kg2 62.f3 f6 63.Kh6 Kh3 Mate in 1!
(64. Dh1#). What time do different programms need to show it in the display? 1–0

52.Tf5 leads to a position with White Queen on e5 (instead on a1).
FEN: 8/8/pppppppK/NBBRQNRp/nbbrqnrP/PPPPPPPk/8/8 w - - 0 61

How long do computers need to reach for example depth 9?
Fritz 6 reached depth 5 after 9 hours!! (on Pentium III, 500 MHz, 32 MB Hash) He
showed 61. Dxe4 Txe4 62. dxe4 Lxc5 3. Txg4 hxg4 as best moves (+1.56 for White).
What is the best move?


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