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Subject: Value of King in SEE

Author: David Rasmussen

Date: 07:03:41 01/07/02

In SEE, the king should of course be the last to capture, as no piece can
capture the king. But the king should also have some large value to indicate a
winning capture for the opposing side. In a position such as this:

[D]2rqkb1r/p1pnpppp/3p3n/3B4/2BPP3/1QP5/PP3PPP/RN2K1NR w KQk - 0 1

The captures on f7 will be bishop, knight, bishop, king, queen.

In my program in general, the king has a value of 0, as the kings value has
never been used for anything before. For SEE, the value has to be used, however.
To be safe, I would really want to give my king the value of 9 queens plus the
value 2 knights, bishops and rooks, but then the value of a position with these
pieces, and only one king on the opposing side will be to big to hold in my
current Score type, as I am only willing to spend so many bits of scores, so it
doesn't use up to much space in a hashentry. Actually, writing this, I will
think out loud that there will always be two kings on the board, and as such,
the values of the kings will balance out, which means it doesn't matter. Instead
of not sending this post, I will send it anyway, as a windows into my idiotic


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