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Subject: Re: chess and neural networks

Author: Fernando Alonso

Date: 15:20:12 07/01/03

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On July 01, 2003 at 15:46:06, Ralph Stoesser wrote:

>Right, that's what I intend with my question. During a 'normal' chess game a
>chess engine has to face often positions where the difference in evaluation
>between let's say the 5 best moves or so is very small. In such circumstances a
>trained neural network maybe could help to find good positional moves better
>than a classical evaluation.

I agree with you, that is the important point. To put it in other words, can I (
a patzer) with my little chessknowledge, beat Fritz 8 using Fritz 8 to analyze
the moves I my brain "thinks"?. I am sure there is a level of playing were
someone using a program can beat easily the same program playing alone. But can
that knowledge be implemented in neural networks?

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