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Subject: Re: Open letter by Eugenio Castillo (ELChinito team) ...

Author: Rolf Tueschen

Date: 09:57:19 08/28/04

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On August 28, 2004 at 11:44:30, Gerd Isenberg wrote:

>On August 28, 2004 at 10:23:53, Frank Quisinsky wrote:
>>Hi there,
>>Eugenio sent us the following open letter.
>>The letter is public on Arena webpages (News-Ticker).
>>Eugenio wrote:
>>"I've used crafty source to implement my own program ElChinito.
>>My public and sincere apologize to Bob Hyatt not to mention that in ElChinito's
>>readme file and copyright notes and did not ask consequently for permission. I
>>will ensure that ElChinito is not longer public available for download and plays
>>any public tournaments.
>>I've inform ICGA and French Computer Chess Association about this issue to
>>accept their decision, and discalificate Chinito from the played events.
>>My apologize to Frank Q. for the damages caused.
>>My apologize to any one of the tester and downloaders of Arena.
>>Eugenio Castillo."
>My respect to Eugenio Castillo for his late apology.
>It seems that he had a hard time and a long fight to decide so.
>It was a severe offence of Eugenio, i understand that routines like NextMove
>have another quality than some cray like bitscan routines or moveInput.
>Eugenio obviously used Crafty framework as a toolbox for the bitboard
>infrastructure and parts of move generation and even minor parts of eval. He
>was, probably due his naivety, not fully aware of the cloning issue or did
>repress it in some way, after receiving no answer from Bob after some tries.
>Didn't Dann Corbit mention Eugenio mailed Bob about that issue, but Bob didn't
>receive for what reasons ever?
>It is difficult to quantify for me, but it seems that most of ElChinitos
>strength was not based on Crafty but on Eugenio's own search and most parts of
>it's evaluation.
>So i respect his decision to don't make ElChinito open source and i suggest to
>give ElChinito a second chance after some time, until Eugenio assures that no
>more parts of crafty are inside - IMHO.

This way you cant help a collegue! You do the same, already Frank Q did. You try
to blame those who were cheated. This is indecent.

A guy who committed fraud stated that he had contacted Bob, Frank said, several
times, and who said that Bob didn't answer (!!), but Bob explained that he had
never received a request by Castillo.

Do you, Gerd, now want to put Bob and Castillo on equal levels.

I must honestly say that you can forget all about a rehabilitation in this case.
I do also feel much sorrow that Frank Q and also you insulted Paul H here in CCC
of something like witchhunt. I mean you should apologize instead of publishing
such utter nonsense in your actual message. I mean is this scene so rotten dirty
that you cant feel what this is dirty in your message?

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