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Subject: Re: WMCCC

Author: Thorsten Czub

Date: 09:03:41 09/25/97

Go up one level in this thread

>>Is Nimzo-clone amateur ?


>Hydra - you mean ? Would almost certainly have to be. $1000


>> Is Hiarcs amateur?


>Lets hope not. Hiarcs is definitely a professional program. $1000


>> Is Shredder amateur ?


>Possibly as 'emerging' professional. $100


Bruce asked how I would do it !

 I would do it better - of course.


When Mchess has problems to participate because he has no money and 
somebody betrayed him with 50.000 DM and the operator broke his leg 
before the championship, so they were not sure IF he could participate 
in the right time or not, and if I would be an ICCA boss I would 

 Mchess is an important program. He has paid membership for several 
years. He won championships. He is a program we should invite.

 If he has problem with money, we could give him this semi-professinal 
status, he can pay 100 $ and can stay.

 I would try to get the best event, not the highest cash !

 Mchess is an important participants, so i as ICCA would try any method 
or way to get them in.

 But it seems the reality is vice versa ! The program/Programmer has to 
try any methods to come into this event.


I wonder if ICCA is anorganisation FOR THE MEMBERS or if the members 
are a living to HELP ICCA TO SURVIVE ???


In the moment a member of an organisation is counted as a problem 
instead of beeing counted as the person to get the service of the ICCA, 
in this moment the organisation is dead.


When e.g. a customer comes into the shop where I work, and the workers 
there see the customer as a source of disturbance/problems instead of a 
source of somebody who wants to buy into the shop and is the one to get 
the service, they should work somewhere else. Not the customer is the 
problem, the customer gets the service and should get the benefit.


Is ICCA working for the members, or are the members working for ICCA 


Is the referee trying to watch the game or is he trying to stop the 
players from having a nice and important event ?


I think my point is clear! ICCA gets money from the members !

 So they have to offer a service. So not Marty has to help them, they 
have to help marty to get anything ready for participating, if this is 
his wish.


If the ICCA thinks they are an organisation with a different target 
than to help computerchess and their members,m than they should give up 
the job.



>>If so - why is Mchess no amateur. Why is CSTal not an amateur ?

>> Chris has not earned much with it in the last 3 years !

>> I am really looking forward to the definitions.


>I didn't try to argue over amateur/professionl status this year. there 

>was a special clause to deal with cases like mine in the icca journal. 

>Something like chess programs from games software houses were 



>No way round that one. $1000


>I still think the whole issue is divisive; in an ideal world, entry 

>would be free and cash prizes woudl be awarded. With financial help for 

>travel and accomodation for cash-starved entries.





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