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Subject: Re: WMCCC Hardware

Author: Amir Ban

Date: 15:23:47 10/17/97

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Would like to add my six cents here:

Some may be limited in hardware because they write assembler, but the
issue for others is simply availability and logistics. I have a pure C++
program that runs on Win32, which makes it probable that I could run on
an Alpha quite easily. When I learned that I was going to compete
against several Alphas, I put extra effort in my program and actually
managed to shave some percents off, no small achievement for a mature
program. But this overclocking business completely defeats me and makes
me aware that I have been wasting my time investing in my program
instead of going all out for some hardware.

Again the issue of fairness is brought up instead of the right one. Is
it fair ? Well, it's within the rules (not sure about the overclocking
though), and everybody does it, but it is not good for the event. Sure,
as Bruce points out, the ICCA events are very much about logistics and
organization. The point is  that they shouldn't be. Another point is
that this hurts the sponsor since everyone who is someone brings a
machine that is not the sponsor's.

What do I suggest ? When the ICCA polled about the WMCCC invitations I
suggested that the rules will contain a mild deterrent: Have anyone who
brings his own machine, and can run on the supplied hardware, pay a fee
for entering external hardware. Nothing too high. If this does not deter
many, at least it will generate some revenue for the ICCA, and we may
not have to see the ridiculous sight of "professionals" staying out
because they cannot afford the entry fee while "amateurs" haul custom
machines halfway around the world.


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