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Subject: *** New Winboard version 4.3.0 *** released

Author: Daniel Mehrmannn

Date: 23:08:02 02/04/03


e-mail (sorry for copy, but much forums):


it's done. I made a little minor update from Winboard 4.2.6 to 4.3.0.
This is the first public beta version. so please put it on your
for download.

Whats new:
* a lot of bugfixes from 4.2.6 (see Changelog)
* New analyze function: You can now analyze observe games on a InternetServer
  and put output to channels, games and people.
  (See option->ICS settings)

You found 2 binary versions.
Winboard_for_programmers.exe ist only for chessprogram programmer and *not*
public. Plese put this verion not on a webpage/FTP-Server. You can write
that there is a verion for programmer. Send me a Mail and i send you....

Winboard.exe is the public version for all people. Please put this on your

Please read ICS-Observing.txt for more info !!

ps: Winboard is GPL, so you have the Code. Make it public.

I merge this devel tree now with my second devel devel tree WB 5.0 with UCI.
I hope it will be release at paderborn.

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