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Subject: Re: WMCCC Hardware

Author: Chris Whittington

Date: 00:01:10 10/17/97

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On October 17, 1997 at 01:10:58, Dave Gomboc wrote:

>On October 04, 1997 at 11:10:11, Chris Whittington wrote:
>>People question the fairness because the bloody thing runs at 50,000
>>GigaHertz and the only way to get one is to be a student at a university
>>computer science department. Now it seems they can be got by anybody
>>crazy enough to spend the money. The end-users and opinion makers want
>>the WMCCC to be a reasonably fair tournament, so they can believe that
>>the winner is the best; but with so many categories of machine available
>>this is no longer possible. And we'll all be talking about the winning
>>PROGRAM, that's how we consider it; only now we'll have to speak it out
>>loud every time: the winning program and hardware combination. Its a
>>drag. The nieve won't understand. And so on and so on.
>This is not a uniform platform championship.
>You're mentally tough, Chris -- I know you can deal with it. 8^)
>I don't see a problem with Bruce bringing a quick machine.  I am sure
>that if some of the commercial programmers didn't have hand-coded 80x86
>instructions in places than they'd be running on Alphas as well.

Try it from the point of view of the majority who are going to run on K6
233's provided by the organisers.

Some of these people think they are in with some sort of chance to win,
they think the program they've been working on all year might have
something (I exclude myself from this list, I don't think CSTal will

Only somebody is apparently turning up with a 750 MHz alpha, and Bruce
with his 10,000,000 GigaHertz machine.

So now, five guys, ten guys, suddenly have these good winning chances
much reduced. Not becuse their programs have suddenly changed, not
because they did something wrong; but because two (?) of the strong
programmers decided to put themselves way out in front with this special
hardware advantage.

I see this as both selfish and self-advancing at others expense.


>Dave Gomboc

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