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Subject: General Tips and Tricks for debugging a search.

Author: Eric Oldre

Date: 13:36:54 06/15/05

I was wondering if anyone would like to volunteer any tricks they've
used to help find certain bugs in their search function.

I think that the ideas of using perft for move generation and
reversing the board to find bugs in the evaluation have both
been really useful to me. I was wondering if anyone has used
techniques similar to these to help find search bugs.

I understand that just because a engine can properly pass these
and other tests doesn't mean it's free of bugs. But they certainly
help detect at least some of them.

I'm certain that there must be plenty of bugs in Latista's search
and I think it's time for me to work on discovering them. If
you don't have any automated tricks like above. Does anyone
have any general advise to help me spot some bugs?

Eric Oldre

PS. I have at various spots in my program tried to follow a similar
model of asserts as in fruit. I'm sure taking some time to
do this at more parts of my program would help.

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