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Subject: Who is better? Some statistics...

Author: Gian-Carlo Pascutto

Date: 02:08:00 06/11/01

Hi all,

In line of some of the results posted here, I'd like to
make some people aware of the existance of the 'Whoisbetter'

It is a program by Steve Maughan (
that can aid you in determining whether a certain result has
any statistical meaning.

It's a bit unfortunate there is little explication of the used
mathematics :( It only says it is based on the binominal distriubtion.
If anyone has an idea on how it could work, please post, as
I will begin working on a similar program but based on other
mathematics soon.

A little table for those who can't run Windows programs:
The winning program must at least have the 'required' score
to be able to say it is better with standard statistical

Played games        Required score
    5                    5 -  0
   10                    8 -  2
   15                   11 -  4
   20                   14 -  6
   30                   20 - 10
   50                   31 - 19
  100                   59 - 41
  200                  113 - 89

So for example, if you play a match between 2 programs and
one scores 7-3, you _can't_ say that the winner is stronger.

Well, you can, but there are people that are selling rings that
make you live forever, which are proven to work based on the
same kind of highly reliable science.


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