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Subject: How Rebel plays at SSDF the bare facts, just statistics and thoughts

Author: Vincent Diepeveen

Date: 10:54:26 06/15/98

No doubt that Fritz5 book kills again Rebel9 book, statistics are clear in
this from SSDF. I didn't receive the special SSDF fritz5 book that kills
Rebel9 there, so i could not test that book at auto232 player against
rebel9, too bad.

Yet it is clear that just looking to how the games go and
how the score is of Diep first move out of book that this rebel9 book kills
the genius 5 book.

1 game diep comes out of book with -0.24 , -0.44 , -0.58 then
we get to -0.78, -0,84 and further ALL games are less then -1.xx

Out of 14 games this make just 2 games it comes out of book less than
half a pawn down. 3 games almost a pawn down, and the rest more
than a pawn less down.

So average diep comes out of book with 1 pawn down. Not what i
call an equal chance.

We cannot blame SSDF, we just need some wide books,
this is clear to see. No i don't think Rebel9
proves anything by killing in a prepared way the genius5 book, nor
nimzo98 by killing the rebel8 book, nor fritz5 killing the rebel9 and all
other books.

Nimzo98 book simply kills the rebel8 book terrible.

Perhaps Ed wants to produce some statistics rebel8 book+rebel9 or rebel8
engine against nimzo98.

Interesting would be nimzo98 with 3.5 book against rebel8 book + rebel9 or 8
engine. Same for nimzo 3.5+nimzo98 book against rebel8+rebel8/9 engine.

I have my suspicions what the results will be. the newer book simply always
wins. Not the engine.

Mchesspro i don't have too much games from. Very impopular program in
Europe, but i hear it does the same.

This all pleads of course for really wide books, so programs need to be
allround players then, unless you just want your program to win for a few
months until a new book comes out of the competitor!

So engine then needs to be improved then!

Note that Grandmasters when playing other grandmasters are not any better.
Simply preparing for their opponents certain lines, yet they are smart and
clever but don't have the 100% sureness that thousands of testgames give
that you beat your opponent, because very likely this opponent doesn't
play the 100% same.


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