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Subject: CCT5, was there something missing?

Author: Peter Skinner

Date: 12:38:00 01/20/03

With the lack of commercial products participating in the CCT, does it lose some
of the luster in winning it?

Of course there are always going to be "what ifs" when all participants do not
play. Ferret was allowed to play without kibitzing any information. What would
have happened if Fritz joined and did the same? Would the result have been the

It seems that there was allowances made for some, and not others. Why was this
the case?

I am sure if the rule had not been in place, the likes of Shredder, Fritz, and
possibly Junior would have participated. Chess Tiger already has the ability to
kibitz the pv from the program, so that was not Christophe's reasoning for not

I think that if a program is automated is enough to play in the next CCT. If not
then we might have the same result.

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