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Subject: The need to unmake move

Author: Mathieu Pagé

Date: 17:06:58 08/19/03


The fact:

I have this question i read at some place that it is faster to unmake a move
than to save the state of the game before moving then restoring it when we want
to unmake the move.

For the moment my engines did not implement unmake() (it is still buggy).

My thougth:

Since bitboard computation are slow (on 32 hardware) i think that it can be
slower to unmake the move than to save the state. I friend of me that is lot
better than me at optimizing code also think that.

My questions:

Are you all using unmake() function or there is some of you that found that
saving the state is better ?

In the case that unmake is better. by wich factor ?

Thanks for your help.

Mathieu Pagé

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