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Subject: Computer chess and processor speed in 20 years from now...

Author: Chris

Date: 03:15:04 02/26/03

I am doing some research on computer chess, and I am looking for some
essays/viewpoints about the future, say 20-30 years from now. The important
thing is the big questions like: What will it mean for chess when/if a computer
program beats the human world champion consistently in a match (not only near
equal scores)? If computers reach 3100-3300 ELO or so, will it change anything
in comparison with the situation at present? Will it spoil chess? Is there a
chance/risk of chess being solved with the supercomputers of the future? etc.

I am also looking for some predictions/information about processor speed in
20-30 years from now.

Any viewpoints from the forum on these questions are of course most welcome, and
links to essays/viewpoints on this subject would be of great help.

Thanks in advance for any help

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