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Subject: Is Deep Blue still considered better than Deep Junior ?

Author: Jorge Pichard

Date: 06:06:02 08/18/02

   Kasparov proved that he can defeat programs at fast time controls when he
defeated Deep Thought in a game/90 two games match in 1989. This program was
weaker than Deep Junior is today, as it searched well over 2,000,000 NPS, but
didn't have as much chess knowledge as Deep Junior.  He also defeated Deep Blue
in 1996. This program is obviously much faster than Deep Junior is today, but in
my opinion Deep Junior still has more chess knowledge than Deep Blue had back in

PS: It is hard to compare Deep Blue of 1997 vs Deep Junior of today, but in my
opinion Deep Junior Chess Knowledge could make up for the difference of Deep
Blue super calculating power of 1997.


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